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AllScan Free & Open-Source Web App for AllStar Nodes

AllScan provides Favorites Management features, Connection Monitoring & Control functions, and a Dashboard View integrating Live AllStarLink Stats Data. Click below for the GitHub page with a full features list, install/update instructions & more

AllScan - Info & Download - GitHub

Example screenshot:

AllScan screenshot

AllScan DiY and TurnKey Node Designs

The following Guides are essential for anyone looking to build, buy or upgrade an AllStar node

How To - Build a High-Quality Full-Duplex AllStar Node for Under $150

How To - Build a High-Quality Radio-less AllStar Node for Under $100

AllScan nodes provide extensive features and excellent audio quality at a low price. They can be built by anyone with basic electronics skills and are available in kits or fully assembled, configured and tested

AllScan - Products

Click the link below for Ordering Information:

AllStar Node Options & Pricing - Complete Nodes / Modules / Kits

AllScan ANF101

AllScan ANR100

AllScan ANR100 Kit

AllScan ANR100 Netbook Node

AllScan ANF200

AllScan ANR200

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For ordering information, questions, and other inquiries email david at allscan.info

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